1. 06/09/2014

    I am so excited to finally be able to share my images from my recent trip to Tanzania. The rest of them may be found here.

    I am insanely proud of what I have put together here and I am really looking forward to being able to release some of them in different ways. Please enjoy and let me know what you think of them!



  2. I got back from Tanzania today and it was incredible. I am so in love with the country, it’s people and wildlife.

    I am considering bringing out a book of photographs that I took on my trip. Would anyone be interested in buying it and if so how much would you want to spend on it?

  3. 02/08/2014

    Some pictures of Swim Deep that I never got round to posting. 

    See the rest here

  4. 01/08/14

    Two of my shots of Superfood playing Old Blue Last last night.

    See the rest here


  5. I finally reached 1000 likes over on my Facebook page! Celebrate with me by adding to that number. You can get there by clicking hereThank you so much for your continuing support. I’ve had so many great opportunities recently and even more have been scheduled for the future. It really gives me the confidence that this is the right thing for me to be doing.

  6. 15/06/2014

    A shot of my friend Chris Walker that I took yesterday.

    Check out his music here

    Check out the set here

  7. 12/06/2014

    My shots of POND at KOKO this week.

    See the rest here

  8. 07/06/2014

    Two of my shots from The Orwells’ Dingwalls show this week. I will probably be posting some more soon as there are some I am really pleased with.

    You can see the rest now here


  9. 02/06/2014

    Knowing that through conversations I have had about my work with an ex-professional photographer I have inspired him to start taking pictures again is a fantastic feeling

  10. 01/06/2014

    Yesterday I went out with two friends to explore the woods near my house and take some portraits. Here is one of the shots of Andy. 

    You can see the rest here